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May Day’s many meanings

May Day, the Day –
My May Day –
May 1 is a very different kind of holiday depending on where you are. It has always been associated with flowers in my mind, so that is where I begin. As a small girl I had this picture in my mind of children dancing around the maypole, weaving their streamers decoratively into something meaningful. By this time I have forgotten what it was.

Cold War May Days – The May Day event in the former Soviet Union was marked by long parades of menacing war machines and lock-stepping soldiers marching through the streets in a parade past the Kremlin. I’m not sure whether that parade happens in Moscow any more. I need to check that.

May Day 2006 – This year in the USA the headlines described May 1 as “A Day Without Immigrants.” Many workers stayed home from work, paraded or came together to make their presence–or absence–felt. This was the first such marking of May 1 that I can remember. In fact this whole grass roots movement seems unprecedented, but I am not sure of my facts on this.

MAYDAY, MayDay, MayDay! –
The classic S.O.S. call for assistance, meant that a pilot or a ship or a fireman was in trouble, and would anybody listening please come to the rescue.
This is the meaning with which I close today’s post. I have not forgotten this meaning of the word, I don’t need to go back and check anything, and I am convinced of my facts.
It is time for THE PEOPLE in a grass roots movement to come to the rescue of our political system. We cannot simply dance around a pole weaving stories into a knot of lies about the meaning of what is happening. The parades and bluster using the military is not the only way to settle disputes. We’re in some kinda trouble!
So “M’aidez,””Venez m’aider,” in French means “come help me.” It is our nation’s plea.


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