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Filled with irony-Impossible Things

Are you staying glued to the television as I am? As I wait to see the next Impossible Thing that happens, I find that so many of the commercials have huge irony for me. Some stand out, like drug advertising when people are dying for lack of heart meds, insulin, etc. and Kerr-McGee’s ad for their disaster planning services. I am also beginning to see how much economic impact this huge hurricane is already having in each of our lives, notable gasoline prices. How can I talk about money at such a time? It seems unseemly. But that is one of the several ways we try to assimilate the Impossible Things we are seeing as the days go by; rising prices are happening to us now.
Another of the ways we all are trying to get our arms around these Impossible Things is to find someone to blame. That is not hard. But remember, no one is to blame for Hurricane Katrina’s appearance. It is our nation’s responses to what has happened in the aftermath that have come up for judgment. Each judgment is based on one’s own frame of reference, life experience and bias.
Speaking of being judgmental, I spent just a little time dipping my toe in the radical right wing’s scummy blogosphere pond and I had to call for the choppers. I wanted out. I feel absolutely sure that their response to my words would be identical. It is very hard to find common higher ground.
I find it ironic that it is taking this terrible event to get us talking about children, the vulnerable elderly, lack of access to health care, poverty, racism, good vs. bad leadership, energy dependence, unemployment, the fallibility of our high tech communication infrastructure . . . all those “elephants in the room.”

What are others saying? Here is just a sample – Part Two – of my blog for yesterday. My comments in italics are posted today. Here is an opportunity for my readers to find out what some of my biases are. This is a test; can anyone find them?

  • Excellent Pictures: theyellowline. Alan Stewart Carl. The first post since the hurricane written by a self-identified Centrist, his words are humble and wise. Several bloggers linked to this post.
  • Angry words: progressives,The Broadview by “Chiaroscuro.” The post I noticed yesterday was “Where to Begin” – 8/30/05 @3:21 P. M. There are many more angry words in later posts. I think the writer’s words are righteous. The most recent are entries about what some members of the conservative wing of the press are saying. I couldn’t stay in that pond as long as this writer did, however.
  • Reminder that good things are happening, “Rays of Sunshine” Charging Rino. This blogger is a favorite of lots of us. He discusses what Texas is doing, who in Congress will investigate this administration’s debacle, etc
  • Just a blurb, washyourbowl by “edgeofkaos.” The irony here is the succinct nature of the blogger’s initial post following the hurricane, and his moniker, Edge of Chaos. Wow! That says it all.

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