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Going Public: Putting a face with the name

There were a number of opportunities recently to see some of my favorite bloggers in person on television. Markos Moulitsas, www.dailykos.com has a nice face. He comes across as open and available. “Wonkette” www.wonkette.com was visible on a panel on C-SPAN recently and audible on Don Imus this morning, brassy and funny each time. In stark contrast Juan Cole (the erudite professor who keeps us the most well informed on Iraq via his voluninous and detailed www.informedcomment.com ) visited in a very low key way with Charlie Rose on PBS last night. If my above “friends” are not careful they will blow their covers over the MSM. But I don’t worry much that they will get co-opted. Each of them, and others I’ve seen recently, are my favorites just because they seem comfortable in their own skins, and have something significant or entertaining to say over and over again. And I go more and more public with my blog, hoping that I have something interesting to say, or at least an entertaining way to say it. We’ll see, huh?


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