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Illness Injury & Mortality

Listening to TV, reading the paper, going online, or talking to friends these days has flooded the minds of many of us with anxiety-producing images and possibilities. Famous people we came to “know” because they are in the public eye get sick, stay sick and die, or come so close to death that they get on everyone’s prayer lists. And we again feel our own mortality, feel sadness at the passing of the “known” person, or feel sick ourselves in sympathy. It all oozes in, disturbing our collective or individual peace of mind.
What to do . . . what to do? Radical actions include things like, line the birdcage with the paper, unplug the TV, unsubscribe from your ISP, or go on the road without the cell phone. But that does nothing for deep awareness of the fact of our mortality.
What else to do? Live in the day as normally as possible while joining with the universe as your anxiety level will allow. Night and sunrise brings a new beginning every time “as long as ye shall live.”


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